Desalination Plants

Desalination plants are, in our experience, too often supplied as generic, “off the shelf” machines with little consideration given to the customer’s specific conditions and poor, expensive performance is often the result over time.

  • Most land-based desalination plants have unique characteristics that are derived from their location and the needs of the facility dependent upon the potable water produced by the plant.
  • Many sea-going plants must be specifically designed to fit into the available space of existing vessels.
  • Quality components used in concert with quality design, always pays off in reduced future maintenance and therefore lower operating costs in the long term.
  • Waterwitch can design and construct, completely automated plants with back to base reporting if required or basic, easily operated manual systems.
  • It is a fact that a simple, well-designed desalination plant with manual controls utilizing high quality components produces exactly the same amount of water and of the same quality as a fully automatic, electronically controlled, plant deploying the same size and manufacture of membrane array.
  • Waterwitch urges prospective clients to consider purchasing robust, simple, easily understood, operator friendly, desalination plants that utilize a minimum of individual components with only high quality, industry standard, components used.

Obviously there are considerable savings in initial capital outlay with the purchase of a manual plant.

There are far less components to consider for future maintenance or replacement and operators are easily trained because the simplicity of the plant encourages understanding of the system.

  • Waterwitch is very experienced at converting troublesome automatic desalination plants to reliable, manually operated and controlled plants.
  • Waterwitch is expert at sea water harvesting techniques and can recover and treat seawater from virtually all sources, where feasible, using proven techniques.