About Us

Waterwitch Marine Systems Pty Ltd is an Australian, second generation, family owned, OEM company that, as its core business, manufactures reverse osmosis, desalination plants sometimes referred to as water-makers.

We pride ourselves on excellence in practical design but also on high standards of finish and appearance.

Waterwitch does not use low quality, components and we design plants in a wide variety of formats and output.

With real, hands-on experience in the operation, design, construction, modification and maintenance of sea-water desalination plants of many sizes, over a period of nearly forty years we feel well placed to advise prospective clients of their requirements.

Most of our clients are commercial operators, however we have many private customers as well.

Our clients include remote island tourist resorts, government marine departments, ocean research stations, large recreational and professional diving companies, long range professional fishing vessels, research vessels, large marine aquaculture hatcheries, major ship-yards and many large corporate “white-boats”.